2016 Saw the old kitchen and committee room completely gutted out. repositioned  and install new  kitchen constructed new  stud walls , painted from top to bottom with, new suspended ceilings, and  state of the ark lighting, this project was completed Aug 2016

2017 was to see the main hall maple floor,  sanded and resealed, postponed until main hall work completed

2018 should see our next big project the main hall ,thermel insulate (celetex) all external facing  walls,  add extra Radiators , remove and replace with a  new suspended ceiling, raising approx 1 meter higher so as to expose the timbered roof trusses, joists, installing state of the art LED lighting, all to be made possible , by us Applying for a grant from The Big Lottery Fund.

We have also managed to get funding from the  Co Op Local Community Funds which should be available some time 2018   which will go towards other work around the hall and  external work of the rear garden.

2018 June The main hall make over,is now completed

2018 8th October Main hall floor Completed Sanded and resealled

l2018 21st-22nd October late that night early Monday morning the hall was broken into ,in doing so smashed the rear fire doors  completely, removed  Henry vacuum cleaner, toilet rolls ,cleaning liquids ,tea bags.we are now waiting on the insurance company and getting new frame and doors replaced 

 2018 December, Rear toilet lobby ceiling and pipe work boxed in , replastered ceiling and painted  also two large sidegates erected to help protect the hall from the rear.

2019 Jan /Feb  new solid wooden front door fitted,

2019 later in the year we will be having  the suspended stage ceiling retiled and upmarket led lights installed ,and later the stage walls thermally insulted